Baha Rudin interview at Hedgeweek Leadership Summit 2023

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July 3, 2023

Baha Rudin, the Head of Buy-side Sales NAM at ActiveViam, was interviewed at the Hedgeweek Leadership Summit held in March 2023.

  • Key industry trends driving growth and development: Discover the latest trends shaping the industry and fueling growth at ActiveViam
  • Business objectives for the year ahead: Gain insights into ActiveViam’s strategic goals and how they align with our clients’ needs.
  • Primary challenges faced by clients and mitigation strategies: Explore the challenges faced by clients in the industry and learn how ActiveViam can help address and mitigate those challenges.
  • Anticipated major changes in the industry: Find out about the potential shifts and changes that Baha Rudin foresees in the industry in the coming year.

For the full interview, please watch the video and gain a comprehensive understanding of Baha Rudin’s perspectives.

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