Understand & manage the impact of events across your supply chain

When a transport of raw materials is delayed, can you quickly understand its impact on an order delivery down the road? Can you assess the effect of a POS spike in demand on warehouse levels and materials supply?

With ActivePivot you can. Instantly. Regardless of the number of data silos, with no cumbersome data transformations, and without long waits for BI configurations.

Immediately grasp the impact of any supply or demand event. Share data with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, use simulations to evaluate alternative courses of action and make better, quicker, more informed decisions.

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Control Tower

How fast can you respond to unplanned disruptions and deviations in your supply chain?



Reduce lead times

Gain visibility across multi-tier demand analysis to identify changes in demand earlier.

Share this information with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to enable earlier adjustment of plans, reduction of the bullwhip effect across your network and better collaboration. Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers benefit from getting early alerts regarding any changes in demand and can quickly address evolving requirements to reduce lead-times. Collaborating with suppliers in that way also enables managers to have better insights in whether the existing suppliers can respond to the changes in demand or alternative suppliers need to be sourced.

Reduce lead times

Improve supply chain agility

Monitor production adherence and capacity utilization with real-time data feeds from the production floor, trigger actions to address deviations and review impact on the entire supply chain.

Production planners can review the impact of changes in production schedules on future inventory levels across the supply chain and the impact on DIFOT. They can easily identify products at risk and simulate the mitigating actions to be taken.

Case Study - Collaterals Optimization - 3 Case studies

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Reduce unplanned/ad-hoc transportation spend

Monitor transportation and warehousing activities to identify impacts of events across the entire supply chain, and reduce ad-hoc transportation spends via early outlier detection.

View the performance of primary and secondary supply chains and identify customers at risk due to low inventory. Monitor stock turns, supply chain costs and cost drivers, and simulate different scenarios to determine how to control and lower supply chain costs.

Reduce unplanned spend

Connect trading partners & reduce risk

Use a real-time supply chain control tower to connect with trading partners and improve your overall supply chain efficiency.

Provide better service and faster response times to customers by shortening lead times and responding to demand and supply changes across the network. With real-time visibility, your control tower team can collaborate effectively with suppliers on push and pull-based material replenishments. With full visibility across the multi-tiered supply network your team can identify and resolve risks & issues and ensure optimal inventory levels and asset usage. In case of supply chain disruptions, you can run simulations to determine the recovery path, while evaluating various options using geo-localization views.

Connect Trading Partners and reduce risk

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