Reduce stock-outs and improved
on-time in full deliveries

Be alerted on potential supply disruptions and the associated impacts on order fulfilment, and select the optimal actions to improve on-time delivery, minimize supply disruptions and reduce write-offs for excess and obsolete inventory.

Using geospatial analysis planners can visually address supply disruptions and identify the impact along the supply chain. They can instantly simulate different scenarios to ensure the DIFOT is maximized at the lowest level of costs and impact to the supply chain processes. This could include simulating the change of transportation mode, warehouse from which to fulfill the order or changing supplier for the respective materials and analyzing the impact on the delivery time requirement, costs and operational capacities.

Reduce logistics spend

Monitor transportation and warehousing activities and identify early on the impact of events along the entire supply chain. Resolve issues quickly, lower operating costs, limit excess inventory and reduce ad-hoc transportation spend.

Allow transportation planners to easily address questions like “Which transport capacity gap should be addressed first to minimize an out-of-stock situation?” Let warehouse managers quickly identify which replenishment shipments should be delayed without affecting customer order fulfilment rates. Finally, allow sales departments to correctly prioritize customer orders when inbound shipments are delayed to ensure that the 95% on-time delivery SLA is not breached.

Reduce logistics spend

Improve order promising

Provide live, real-time order commitments based on the most current material & product availability and operational capacity.

Operational team can make accurate fulfilment and delivery promises across multiple order channels and systems, thereby improving future fulfilment rates & inventory projections, and minimizing stock-outs.

Let sales or customer service managers view in real-time current and future inventory levels, free-to-promise inventory, orders on hand, and warehouse and transport capacities. With the full confidence to communicate suitable delivery times to clients, you’ll improve on-time, in-full deliveries to customers and enhance customer loyalty.

Reduce days of inventory across the network

Speed up response and allocation management

Execute the latest S&OP plan and respond quickly to any deviations with fast, rule-driven execution and what-if analysis based on the latest available data.

Whenever a product goes below the minimum inventory levels, endangering customer orders, warehouse managers are alerted in real-time. Using what-if simulations, they can test different allocation scenarios and find the best solution for customers at risk. With full insight over the impact of events across the supply chain, you can maximize cash-to-cash cycle times, optimize working capital and reduce lead times.

Improve warehouse and workforce utilization

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