Why choose ActiveViam in the Cloud?


The most powerful and agile real-time decision-making environment on the market, used by Fnac, Gefco, HSBC, Société Générale and 40+ other leading companies


Adapt your consumption to the tune of your business: seasonal peaks, fast growth…

Fast deployment

Have your project up and running quicker, mobilizing fewer IT resources


Lightning fast disk-to-memory loading from low-cost cloud object storage (S3, BLOB...) makes the platform available within minutes or seconds of startup.


Optimize your cost further with options for scheduling startup and shutdown and for auto-shutdown.

A comprehensive offering that can be deployed with little or no IT support

It’s a complete solution that bundles hardware, software and maintenance in a single service contract. Even if your IT department is not ready or able to take on a new deployment, you can experiment with, acquire and start using the ActiveViam platform, the most powerful data analytics solution on the market, with the same ease as hiring some days of consulting work.

If you already have a contract with a cloud provider, the ActiveViam platform can be deployed there seamlessly. If your data is already stored in the Cloud, ActivePivot can start serving you even faster!

A simplified billing scheme

The price for the Cloud deployment is calculated per core-hour, much in the same way that electricity consumption is counted per kilowatt-hour. A “core” here means a server’s processor core, a single processing unit. We provide tools for you to monitor your usage and make sure you only pay for what you actually use.

After a few weeks once you have measured the workload of your application, contact us to discuss a discounted pre-paid package that fits your needs and usage.

For example, during a testing phase, using 4 cores, 8 hours a day for a month (22 working days) at $6.21 per core-hour amounts to a list price of $4372, the same as about 3 days of consulting work.

Cloud price


What is the licensing model on the cloud ?

  • We charge an all-in cost (hardware, operations and software) per core-hour. Similar to how an electricity provider charges by KW-hours.
  • ActiveViam on the Cloud includes all our products : ActivePivot, ActiveMonitor and ActiveUI.
  • If you already have a cloud account on Azure and AWS we can offer a software only core-hour rate.
  • Once you have tested your application and measured its workload, then you should have a good estimate of your yearly core-hour requirement. If this is the case we can offer a prepaid package with a guaranteed price for the core-hour and a significant discount.

What is the core-hour rate ?

  • Listed and changed from time to time on our website. Pre-paid packages already purchased of course are not affected.

How does the billing work ?

  • We deliver a key that uniquely identifies you, the equivalent of the smart meter that a utility installs in your home.
  • We record your usage in our database and provide you with a UI to control it.
  • We send an invoice and net out any prepaid amount.

If I already have ActivePivot on premise, can I test or migrate my application in the cloud?

  • Yes, you can. First step will be to adjust your application to use our object storage connector, instead of your previous one.
  • Sign our ActiveViam cloud agreement.
  • Deploy your app in Azure or AWS with your cloud license.

Performance benchmarks:

This blog post details the performance and flexibility you can expect from running the ActiveViam platform in the Cloud