Finance: ActiveViam wins award at AFTAs 2019

ActiveViam wins award at AFTAs 2019

ActiveViam wins award for Best New Technology Introduced Over the Last 12 Months—AI, Machine Learning and Analytics

Finance: DTCC delivers beta version of FRTB data service

FRTB article

ActiveViam, DTCC deliver beta version of FRTB service, helping banks source data and map risk factors for modelling

Finance: Creating a Holistic Solution to FRTB

Banking tech article

ActiveViam’s Frederic Lebrun, Director of Business Development for the Americas, sat down with Risk to discuss how you can create a holistic analytical environment to meet regulatory reporting requirements, manage the enterprise and optimize capital.

Finance: Société Générale corporate and investment banking: How we monitor market risk

JSOC article

How Société Générale risk managers save hours each day with smart exception alerts based on dynamic scoring of risk.

Retail: How new technologies are integrated by the retail sector

LSA Article

ActiveViam cofounder Georges Bory explains how Big Data analysis can help retailers remain competitive with pure players.

Finance: Les banques croient-elles au Cloud ?

Banking tech article

Are banks really investing in public cloud services? Discover ActiveViam cofounder Xavier Bellouard’s take on the issue.

Retail: Food retailers up in arms with the upcoming Food bill

Les Article

How the retailers prepared for the entry into force of the Food bill, which may very well spell the end of big discounts.

Finance: Antoine Chambille, ActiveViam Head of R&D: « Bringing Java towards new developpers »

LMI Article

Our Head of R&D Antoine Chambille analyses the latest evolutions of Java which aim at enticing young developers.

Retail: What role does procurement play in retailers’ brand strategy? Article

How to take advantage of procurement alliances to value retailers’ brands? Discover the analysis of ActiveViam cofounder Georges Bory.