ActiveViam Documentation

This project is now called Atoti.

These are the technical changes between atoti and the last published version of activeviam:

  • Harmonization of the aggregation API. Aggregation operations include store field aggregation such as atoti.agg.sum but also other more “advanced” operations such as agg_siblings, running_sum, running_avg, etc. In atoti, all aggregation operations involving sums are performed with atoti.agg.sum, all operations dealing with the computation of a minimum are performed with atoti.agg.min, and so on. “Advanced” measures like cumulative sum measures, dynamic aggregation measures, or siblings aggregation measures, can be defined using the new scope argument in every aggregation function. The scope can be created with atoti.scope, and is one of:

  • New behaviour of store.join(). All hierarchies created during a join are non-slicing. The slicing_columns argument is thus gone. If you want the created hierarchies to be slicing, you can set the Hierarchy.slicing property to True.

  • We improved our Python library and JupyterLab extension Conda packages to ensure you can’t install incompatible version of each other in your environment. We thus stopped providing a “bundle” package. You can follow the new installation procedure.