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In-memory analytics: doing things radically different

Think differentIn our previous post, How In-Memory Computing is Accelerating Business Performance, we explained the disruptive potential of in-memory computing. Performance gains resulting from faster execution of queries were one of the top benefits mentioned. However, in-memory computing goes way beyond performance gains, allowing organizations to do things differently and achieve new levels of competitiveness. This post illustrates this with a few examples.Read more

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Streaming Analytics – Handling Continuous Data Flow

Many industries use different analytics solutions, but as the ongoing flow of relevant data is becoming more frequent we see that pure analytics does not really address the need to continuously process this data. Streaming analytics expands system’s processing capabilities …Read more

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In Memory Business Intelligence – Challenges of Real Time Processing

In classic OLAP solutions, which usually store data on a hard disk, a key bottleneck is data access speed. Storing data in memory speeds up data access dramatically is a first step to performing real time OLAP analysis. In in …Read more

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Streaming OLAP – Handling Data in Motion

As traditional OLAP systems are usually designed to analyze large databases of historic data, they lack the ability to process the most current events as they are introduced into the system. Streaming OLAP provides the ability to continuously monitor new …Read more

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