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Counterparty Risk Analysis – Enhancing Existing Solutions

The current complex global financial markets include risks that are distributed across many entities. Credit risk in no longer limited to two parties, a bank and borrower, it now includes a variety of financial products and instruments, which makes counterparty …Read more

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Risk Management Analytics

Nearly every move in the current business world involves some type of risk. These risks can stem from uncertainty in financial markets, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, or any uncertain or unpredictable cause or event. This is why organizational …Read more

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Challenge #2: Integrating Counterparty Credit Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management, and Other Risk Apps into a Single Risk Management System

In the previous post, we explained the risk intelligence concept, and some of the general challenges that arise when implementing a risk management system. This post lists some of the important conclusions made by the 2006-2009 Chartis Research surveys (read the …Read more

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