Meet Alexis Mussard, Sales executive

Meet Alexis Mussard, Sales executive

Learn more about his daily life in the ActiveViam sales team and the specificities of this position.

Hello Alexis, can you introduce yourself?

I graduated from the EDHEC business school in 2017 where I had joined the Grande Ecole program, then I joined ActiveViam in April 2018.

Why did you choose the sales executive position?

I was interested in working on long and complex sales processes, which include both technical and commercial aspects. The job of sales executive at ActiveViam allows you to navigate between two different worlds and this is what I particularly sought.

Why did you choose ActiveViam?

This is without hesitation because of the hunch I had during the hiring process. I was a bit worried about the kind of people I would meet, due to the well-known stereotypes about sales representatives, but I really felt that at ActiveViam, people would first and foremost take the time to listen to you, and let you find your own approach and attitude to be able to sell and develop your skills.

How were your firsts months at ActiveViam?

Just as I had predicted during the hiring process, I was given the time to learn about the business and technological aspects of the solution and that allowed me to improve step by step. In the beginning, we would go to our first customer meetings accompanied by a more experienced coworker. Then we would incrementally start managing them on our own, which made us autonomous at a gradual pace.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Alexi ActiveViam SalesThere is no typical day but you may have two types of tasks during a day: on the one hand, you need to make sure you always feed the commercial pipe, and for that you collaborate with marketing to produce content, prospects, and launch email campaigns. When someone shows interest, the sales team takes care of the next steps and contacts the potential customer to set up an appointment.

The other type of task is to continue to help potential customers to move forward in the sales process and prepare the angle to adopt for future appointments or demos. When we are in a more advanced phase, we create workshops that demonstrate a prototype of the solution.

What are the three most important qualities of a good sales executive at ActiveViam?

The three main qualities according to me are: good listening skills, which are extremely important to understand any customer and help them define their needs, the second is perseverance, and the third is creativity. These three qualities are essential to nurture the customer relationship and, for instance, find answers to obstacles during the sales process.

Why do you feel good at ActiveViam?

I would say there are three  aspects. First, I feel good about the job itself. There is a really smart balance between the autonomy one has for prospecting and working hand in hand with other departments, such as the marketing and the pre-sales engineering team.

The second aspect is selling innovative technology which raises interest. It makes prospecting more enjoyable because people are curious and think a solution like ours is really useful, especially in the current context of big data and artificial intelligence.

The third aspect is the work environment. Being in a work environment where people know each other personally, where we do numerous activities together – whether it’s football, rollerblading or whatever – creates camaraderie which contributes to an overall positive environment.

Alexi ActiveViam commercial

Any advice for people who would be hesitating to start a career in this field?

My advice would be: Do not hesitate when you know you will definitely learn something. What is really good about  the sales executive position is that you will learn about various business areas which can be very different from what you have seen during your studies at the business school. You will also learn about yourself because it is a position that is demanding, and one must really commit oneself to it. This allows for self-discovery. Having this learning curve is something that can be reassuring before you get started. So do not hesitate and you will encounter – I’m sure – a rewarding experience.

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