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Le dynamisme des prix bondit chez les e-commerçants pour Noël

Le mois de décembre et la période de Noël sont particulièrement propices à l’étude du dynamisme des prix chez les grandes enseignes du e-commerce et mettent en lumière des différences nettes de stratégie.

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Un nouvel indicateur exclusif : l’index du dynamisme du pricing en France

ActiveViam inaugure aujourd’hui un projet de long terme pour suivre et rendre compte du niveau de dynamisme des prix en France dans le e-commerce. Nous allons chaque mois publier un « Dynamic Price Index » représentant l’intensité du dynamique pricing …Read more

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4 ways location-based pricing can improve retail volumes and margins

One element that is often neglected by brick & mortar retailers, for lack of sufficient analytical capabilities to take it into account, is that the competitive environment varies greatly from one store location to another. While any pricing strategy typically …Read more

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Marrying Dynamic Pricing and Real-time Supply Chain

pricing and supply chainOnce you’ve got pricing right, there’s the issue of delivery. Not being able to deliver on your promise leads to a high number of returns, disappointed customers and a negative impact on your brand.Read more

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In-memory analytics: doing things radically different

Think differentIn our previous post, How In-Memory Computing is Accelerating Business Performance, we explained the disruptive potential of in-memory computing. Performance gains resulting from faster execution of queries were one of the top benefits mentioned. However, in-memory computing goes way beyond performance gains, allowing organizations to do things differently and achieve new levels of competitiveness. This post illustrates this with a few examples.Read more

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