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Marrying Dynamic Pricing and Real-time Supply Chain

pricing and supply chainOnce you’ve got pricing right, there’s the issue of delivery. Not being able to deliver on your promise leads to a high number of returns, disappointed customers and a negative impact on your brand.Read more

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3 ways to improve supply chain agility

Supply ChainAbout 80% of supply and demand can be planned perfectly in advance. But how do you handle the remaining 20% that can never be predicted? The answer is an agile supply chain. But what does that mean? Here are three ways to increase your supply chain agility.Read more

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How to make rapid and right decisions during a supply chain disaster

supply chain disasterThe recent explosions in Tianjin China have been devastating, killing at least 114 people and injuring hundreds.
Beyond the dreadful loss of life, the explosions also demonstrated how unplanned events can disrupt commercial supply chains.Read more

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Who wants a Real-Time Supply Chain?

Real-Time Supply ChainEveryone, it seems. Take Procter & Gamble. In a recent talk, Procter & Gamble’s SVP of Product Supply, mentioned they have created a “real-time instrumented supply chain,” which they believe could achieve an upside of 1-2% sales increase, 2-5% margin improvement, and 5-10% improvement in asset utilization.

Only several years ago companies updated their supply chain plans approximately once a month, whereas today forecasts and plans are adjusted twice a day for some product categories. Such frequent updates enable responding much faster to changing demand and allow implementing a more accurate resupply of products to stores.Read more

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How long can CCPs afford to wait?

Clearing houseTwo months ago the Basel Committee decided that banks will have to set aside less capital against trades through central clearing houses in a bid to encourage them to use their services. The aim is to make banks use the central counterparties (CCPs), making it easier for regulators to follow the flow of banks’ trades and exposures to each other.Read more

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Tackling the Look-through Challenges with In‑Memory Computing

Look-Through ApproachThis post delves into the implications of the look-through approach for asset managers, building the case for the use of in-memory aggregation technology to process massive amounts of highly granular data.Read more

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Addressing FRTB challenges with in-memory computing

New FTRB rules will make life harder for banksIn a recent video blog published on March 18, Satyam Kancharla from Numerix* highlighted some of the issues introduced by the draft proposal of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) run by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). Among those challenges are the transition from Value-at-Risk to Expected Shortfall, the use of varying liquidity horizons, and revisions brought to the methodologies.Read more

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Crowded Trades: Are Clearing Houses Immune From Systemic Risk?

Crowded Trades: Are Clearing Houses Really Immune Against Systemic Risk?The sudden decision by the SNB to remove the longstanding cap on the Swiss Franc against the Euro took markets by surprise, causing many casualties amongst the foreign exchange broker community. As stated by the Financial Times on January 19, “In one of the most damaging currency swings in the modern trading area, the Swiss Franc soared in value, leaving investment banks across the world with big losses and hitting foreign exchange brokers particularly hard”.Read more

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