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Home page

The ActiveUI Home page quickly gets you to the dashboard you need.

Dashboard tiles#

Dashboard tiles make it easy to navigate and manage your project:

  • Right click to Share, Delete, or Move a dashboard.

Right click dashboard tile

  • Click to open a dashboard.

Click dashboard tile

Return to the home page#

You can always return to the Home page by clicking on the logo in the left corner of the top navbar.

Return to the home page

Search for dashboards and folders#

Use the Search field in the top navbar to search for dashboards and folders.

In the search results you can:

  1. Click on a Folder name to view the dashboards it contains.

Search for a folder

  1. Click on a Dashboard to launch it

Search for a dashboard

Create a new dashboard#

Click the Create new dashboard button to open an empty dashboard and start editing it.

Create a new dashboard

Recently opened dashboards#

Click Recently opened to view your recently opened dashboards.

Recently opened dashboards

Dashboards tree#

Dashboards can be stored in folders. ActiveUI displays these folders in the Dashboards tree below Recently opened.

Dashboards tree

Expand and collapsing dashboard folders#

To see the folders inside a folder, click the arrow to expand the parent folder.

Expand folder

Create a new dashboard folder#

To create a new folder inside a folder, right-click on an existing folder and select Create folder in ….

Create a new folder

View dashboards inside a folder#

To see the dashboards inside a folder, click on the folder. The dashboards will appear in the main area of the Home page.

View folder contents