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Widgets are the building blocks of a dashboard. Most widgets help visualize data (e.g. Pivot tables and Charts.) However, some widgets instead display extra controls or information for the user (e.g. Quick filter).

Widgets ribbon#

The widgets ribbon contains icons of all available widgets in your application. You can use these icons to:

Widgets ribbon

Show all widgets in the Widgets Ribbon#

If there are more widgets than can fit in the available space, you can scroll the Widgets ribbon left and right using the arrows on either side of the ribbon.

Scroll the widgets ribbon

Add a new widget#

To add a widget:

  • Drag the corresponding icon from the Widgets ribbon into your dashboard.

You can add as many widgets as you like.

Add a widget

Switch an existing widget's type#

You can change a widget's type whenever you like (e.g. You can turn a pivot table into a line chart).

To switch a widget's type:

  • Click on the widget you want changed.
  • In the Widgets ribbon, click on the widget you want to switch to.

Switch a widget

Change a widget's title#

To change a widget's title:

  • Click on the widget's title. It will turn into a text input box.
  • Enter the new title.
  • Click outside of the input box to finish up.

Change a widget's title

Change a widget's content#

To update what data a widget displays, check out the Content editor and Filters editor sections.

Replace an existing widget#

To replace an existing widget with a new widget:

  • Drag a new widget from the Widgets ribbon.
  • Hover the center of the old widget you want to replace.
  • When the old widget turns blue, drop the new widget and the swap will occur.

Replace a widget

Move a widget#

To move a widget and place it elsewhere in the dashboard:

  • Click and hold the top of the widget.
  • Drag and drop it to the desired position.

Move widgets

Remove widget#

To remove a widget:

  • Click the in the widget's top bar.
  • Select Remove widget.

Remove widget

Duplicate a widget#

To duplicate a widget:

  • Click the in the widget's top bar.
  • Select Duplicate widget.

Duplicate a widget

Saved widgets#

Most widget types can be saved using the widget's Save as action. When you save a widget, you can access it again from the Saved widgets drawer in the left bar.

To perform Save as on a widget:

  • Click the in the widget's top bar.
  • Select Save as.

Saved widgets

: Updating a Saved widget requires resaving it as a different saved widget

When you use a Saved widget, you are essentially copying it into the dashboard. Because it is just a copy, any chages made to that widget do not affect the original Saved widget.

If you want to edit a Saved widget, you must:

  1. Load it into the dashboard and make your changes.
  2. Save it as a new Saved widget.
  3. Optionally, delete the old Saved widget if it is no longer relevant.