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Real-time updates


The information on this page will only apply to your application if your application was built to support real-time updates.

If you do not see the controls mentioned here, your application is likely not compatible with real-time updates.

ActiveUI allows you to view a paused "snap shot" of your data or use real-time updates to keep everything fresh.

Update modes#

Paused mode#

Data is retrieved when the dashboard is reloaded or when a widget's fields or filters are changed. Widgets are paused by default.

Real-time updates mode#

When activated, the widget subscribes to data updates from the server. As data becomes available from the server, cells will flash (if the widget is a table) and the widget will display the updated data.

Widgets can easily switch between Paused and Real-time update modes with a single click.

Activate real-time updates#

First check to see if the widget is currently paused:

  • Mouse over a data visualization widget to reveal a hidden menu in the top right corner of the widget.
  • If you see a play button, then the widget is currently paused.

Real-time toggle

To activate real-time updates:

  • Click the play button from the previous step

Real-time toggle


The toggle button's icon will change depending on whether the widget is currently paused or in real-time update mode.

Pause real-time updates#

If you follow the steps in Activating real-time updates, but see a pause button instead, then the widget is currently receiving real-time updates.

Clicking the pause button will pause the widget.

Real-time toggle


Be careful when you have paused widgets and real-time update widgets on the same dashboard.

In this situation, the data in paused widgets and the data in real-time update widgets will become inconsistent as updates arrive and apply to only real-time update widgets.

Refresh Data#

To force a refresh of a widget's data:

  • Right-click in the data area
  • Select Refresh query.

Refresh query