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Deferred updates

When adding fields and filters to a widget, every change initiates a call to the server for new data. When a widget receives new data, it must reload in order to display that data.

This can be particularly distracting when trying to create a complex set of fields and filters as there will be many edits… and thus many calls for new data… and thus many reloads.

Deferred updates allows you to turn off real-time updates for all widgets across the entire dashboard with a single click. When you are ready, you can re-enable updates with another single click.

This allows you to build complex widgets without multiple calls to the server and constant reloads.

Apply deferred updates#

To defer updates:

  • Select the Defer updates checkbox in the lower right of your screen.

Deferred Updates checkbox selection

Turn off deferred updates#

To start receiving new data again:

  • Clear the Defer updates checkbox.

Deferred Updates checkbox cleared