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Content editor

Use the Content editor to select the Measures and Hierarchies that determine what data your widgets receive.

Open the content editor#

To access the Content editor, click the Content editor icon in the Left Bar.

opening the content editor

The Content editor consists of the following sections:

Add Measures and Hierarchies#

To add Measures and Hierarchies:

  • Drag Measures and Hierarchies from the Data Model into a compatible Wizard section.

Drag nodes from content editor

Alternatively, you can click on Hierarchies and Measures and ActiveUI will automatically place them in a predetermined wizard section for you.

Click nodes from content editor

Prevent frequent reloads#

Every time you select a new Measure or hierarchy your widget will receive new data, thus causing your widgets to reload. This can be quite annoying when adding a lot of Measures and Hierarchies.

To avoid this frustration, look into Deferred Updates.