Dashboards are interactive reports created and maintained by users.

Each dashboard may contain one or more Pages, and each page may display one or more Widgets.


Left bar

The Left bar provides various Drawers containing tools to help edit and manage your dashboard.

Create a dashboard

Read how to create a new dashboard here.

Rename a dashboard

To change a dashboard's title:

  • Click on the dashboard's title in the top navbar. It will turn into a text input box.
  • Enter the new title
  • Click outside of the input box to automatically save.

example of a dashboard

Undo or Redo changes to dashboard

Changes to dashboards are tracked and can be undone and redone in the order they occured.

You can undo and redo in two ways:

  1. Using Keyboard shortcuts
  2. Using the Undo and Redo menu items in the top navbar's Edit menu.

undo/redo changes to a dashboard


Saving or navigating away from a dashboard will clear the available history of changes to undo/redo.

Reset a dashboard

To clear all changes made to a dashboard since the last save, use the Reset dashboard menu item in the top navbar's Edit menu.

reset a dashboard