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Getting Started with the Sandbox Project

The Sandbox project is provided by ActiveViam to customers to demonstrate how the ActivePivot API is used to build a project.

Not all the options it showcases are suitable for every production environment. Design decisions regarding operating systems, network configuration, encryption, DBMS's, cloud providers, etc. should be made with care and according to the industry standards and guidelines.

Embedded Servers versus Standalone Servers

The Sandbox project demonstrates two different setups :

  • The "embedded servers" illustrates the deployment where all applications (Content service, ActivePivot, ActiveUI and optionally ActiveMonitor) are hosted on the same server. This configuration can be used in the following cases:

    - trying out features of the applications,
    - testing the implementation of a business project during the development phase
  • The "standalone servers" illustrates the deployment where several servers are created and communicate. This configuration is generally used in Production phase of the project. The created servers in this configuration are:

    - an ActiveMonitor server,
    - a ContentServer with an embedded ActiveUI,
    - an ActivePivot server.

Project Organization

|----- activepivot
|----- common
|----- contentservice
sandboxesRoot folder of the sandbox project
activepivotFor a standalone ActivePivot Server, or embedded servers, depending on the chosen profile
commonCommon configuration classes for all the sandbox project
contentserviceFor a standalone Content Server shipping a vanilla ActiveUI application

First Build and Launch

Running mvn clean install -DskipTests on the sandboxes folder will build the sandbox.

To launch ActivePivot, you can run the com.activeviam.sandbox.server.ActivePivotServer class directly from your IDE. A sample ActivePivot application is now running and can be interacted with using ActiveUI or an XMLA-enabled front end (for example Excel or Tableau).

To find out how to configure and use the sandbox, please read the files at the root of each module of the sandbox.