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Real-time impact analysis
of ‘what-if’ scenarios

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the most granular detail

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Trusted by the world’s financial institutions

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Avoid the headaches caused by multiple systems across your teams. Atoti can be applied to any data analytics challenge faced by a financial institution, ranging from real-time risk analysis at the front office to market risk management, regulatory reporting, xVA calculations, liquidity management, collateral optimization, credit risk and counterparty credit risk. For any use case where other tools struggle with delivering interactive analytics at scale, Atoti is the go-to solution.

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For Business Users

Top-of-house to transaction-level self-service analytics

Real-time impact simulations

Train-of-thought analysis

Real-time adjustments
for more accurate sign-offs

Better metric monitoring than other data analytics companies

Data Analytics
for Finance

For IT Teams

Integration with existing
databases and tools

Enterprise applications in Python or Java

Multi-tier resource management for
optimal TCO

Timely delivery of projects

Multi-cloud or on-premise solutions

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