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Step 1: Discover


How do you ensure that your analytical surface always mirrors reality without suffering any time lag or information loss?

ActivePivot delivers a comprehensive, real-time picture of your business, laying the foundation for the discovery of meaningful events "as they happen". It captures massive amounts of data and makes it available for analytics purposes at lightning speed, without any restriction on the level of detail, time horizon or depth/breadth of analysis.


Step 2: Sense


How can you navigate a sea of ever-growing data to focus on the business moments that really matter?

ActivePivot lets you define the metrics that quantify the performance of your business. It then aggregates and synchronizes those metrics with what happens in your environment. By detecting any variance from desired outcomes, ActivePivot highlights any exception or abnormal pattern that requires your attention.


Step 3: Respond


Once you’ve sensed a situation that requires your attention, how do you make the optimal data-driven decision?

ActivePivot lets you pinpoint the root cause of an outlier and evaluate what-if scenarios before taking action, providing the confidence that you have taken all parameters and potential effects into account.


Gain Insight and Make Better Decisions

ActiveViam offers precise solutions for:


Financial Services

Gain consolidated, in-depth insights into risk metrics across all systems for real-time, intraday risk management and regulatory compliance.

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Dynamic Pricing

Retail Pricing

Manage pricing for tens of thousands of products, set your own business strategies and respond to market
changes rapidly.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Respond to
unplanned supply & demand variations and ensure order fulfilment using full insight and what-if simulations.

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