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In-memory computing

In-memory computing

Designed from the ground up as a native in-memory solution, ActivePivot’s processing is x200 times faster than disk-based RDBMSs.

This translates into the processing of big data at an accelerated speed with no latency. Data analysis that traditionally requires overnight batch processing is instead processed in real-time - bringing BI data analysis directly Into business operations.

Mixed workload

By converging OLTP and OLAP data processing into a mixed-workload database, ActivePivot lets you run queries on dynamic data that gets refreshed frequently. It extracts and stores data in its native format, eliminating the need for data transformations and duplications. Then, when it detects new or modified data in the source system, it incrementally updates its cube and pushes changes to the front-end interface - whether ActiveUI, Excel, or any home-grown, MDX-compliant interface.

To support the simultaneous mix of queries and intense data updates, ActivePivot’s ‘Multiversion Concurrency Control’ feature holds several versions of the same data, so that one group of users can perform data analysis, while another group can performs real-time updates of the same data.

Mixed workload

All data. Any dimension

Forget the restrictions imposed by
obsolete OLAP systems and the “curse of dimensionality.”

With ActivePivot you gain insight into the exact data you need - regardless of how it is stored or structured. Every column can be a dimension, so there’s absolutely no limit on your analysis criteria. Our customers use hundreds of dimensional queries without even stretching the full power of ActivePivot. Come to think of it - shouldn’t your analytical system comply with your needs, rather than the other way around?

What-If scenarios

'What-If' scenarios are run by modifying data directly within the analysis cube. Each user in your team can independently perform simulations and run queries with full privacy and with no impact on other users or operational data.

Data can be added or removed from the cube and drill-downs can be run on large data sets with results delivered instantly to each scenario query.

What-If scenarios

Root-cause analysis that goes back in time

With ActivePivot you can go back and analyze data snapshots within any historical time period to pinpoint a cause of a breach - even when this entails large data volumes with high-frequency data streams.

Root-cause analysis

MDX Engine

MDX Engine

ActivePivot’s MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) engine supports the most demanding analytical queries by building a multidimensional view of aggregated data.

Using a column-based data store, each dimension requires only one additional column- so that complex analysis involving hundreds of dimensions is calculated on the fly.

The MDX engine also facilitates ActivePivot’s compatibility with multiple front end user interfaces - including Excel, Tableau, Spotfire, OBIEE, ActiveUI and others.


Post Processors

ActivePivot’s post processors offer the maximum flexibility for data aggregation and manipulation.

Defined using Java code, Post Processors are evaluated at query time for each requested aggregate and enable custom calculations as well as the computation of values from any external data resource.

Business data always at your fingertips

ActivePivot has ready-made software connectors to greatly reduce loading times from a wide range of database technologies, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Hadoop Parquet, Redis, quasardb, generic SQL databases and more.

Those connectors enable users to achieve very high disk-to-memory performance, making ActivePivot even more responsive and adaptable. They allow for lightning-fast boot cycles and enable users, in a matter of seconds, to bring up for analysis data from any of their source system that was not already loaded into memory.

When a client calls or a situation develops, ActivePivot ensures that you can always access the data you need to respond immediately and generally explore historical information at will through all your data sources.

Many-core design

Originally designed for multi-core hardware, ActivePivot has since evolved to take full advantage of NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) hardware environments that use many cores - resulting in massive performance gains.

Many-core design

The ActiveViam Platform

The ActiveViam product family includes the following products:



An in-memory database combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data.



A rule-based module with workflow and real-time alerting services for KPI management and monitoring.

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An MDX-based data discovery interface with dashboards to enable real-time decisions.

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What They Say About Us

As our core risk aggregation and P&L calculation engine, ActivePivot has become a “can’t do without” tool that support the real-time risk management imperatives that drive our FIC business.

Charles Brandolini, Director, Fixed Income and Rates technology, Société Générale CIB

The ability to analyze and collaborate in real-time to make timely decisions based on user-defined rules and what-if analyses empowers traders and risk managers to compete effectively in today’s volatile market and regulatory environment.