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KPI alert

Intraday performance tracking

How often have you encountered business problems and anomalies that could have been minimized had they been detected and handled on time? With ActiveMonitor you’ll never have to wish you would have known sooner.

By continuously monitoring your business data, ActiveMonitor ensures that any deviations from your performance goals is immediately discovered. It sends alerts so you can immediately respond to unexpected events, and triggers problem-resolution processes to remedy the situation. So that if at 10am a trade breaches a limit, or your supply chain is causing x hours delays in the delivery of goods - you can be sure you’ll be aware within seconds, rather than the next day.

ActiveMonitor Datasheet


Real-time business performance monitoring and management



KPIs that match your goals

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to constantly measure how your most important business metrics perform against pre-defined goals.

ActivePivot combines calculated measures computed at run time, together with goals, status and trend, so that your KPIs may be anything from a limit (in finance), a utilization level (in logistics), a real-time competitor price (in ecommerce), or any sophisticated performance measure you’d like to track and monitor.

Root-cause analysis that goes back in time

ActiveMonitor goes beyond just sending alerts to assist you with root cause analysis.  Uncovering the factors leading to a breach always requires exploring historical and contextual data. With ActivePivot you can go back and analyze data snapshots within any historical time period to pinpoint a cause of a breach - even when this entails large data volumes with high-frequency data streams.

Root-cause analysis

Collaboration and control

Align your entire team behind unified performance goals with ActiveMonitor’s collaborative environment.

Escalation processes designate the team members to be involved, define the exact actions are taken by each team member, ensure that actions are properly documented, and define the time window allocated for actions - whether a comment, approval, or goal adjustment decision. With all team members acting upon common performance goals, ActiveMonitor keeps you in control at all times.

The ActiveViam Platform

The ActiveViam product family includes the following products:



An in-memory database combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data.

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A rule-based module with workflow and real-time alerting services for KPI management and monitoring.



An MDX-based data discovery interface with dashboards to enable real-time decisions.

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What They Say About Us

The workflow functionality of ActivePivot supports limit setting, monitoring and the necessary approval and escalation process. The systems steers risk positions effectively when they near, or surpass specific boundaries using a traffic light system. ActiveMonitor powers this traffic light automation process, allowing users to conduct exception management to support trading decisions.

Patrick Reinhardt, Head of Risk Management, DekaBank