Pricing : un mois de septembre particulièrement dynamique

DPI Septembre 2017Que le mois de la rentrée soit une période particulièrement dynamique n’est pas une surprise, mais la hausse par rapport à avant l’été est particulièrement significative. Avec un DPI global de 87, il s’agit même du record depuis la création de cet indice. Toutefois dans le détail, on voit que ce dynamisme est loin d’être équitablement réparti entre les enseignes. Read more

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ActiveViam Connect 2017 – Risk Systems Roadmap at SGX

ActiveViam Connect 2017 - Lim ChewLim Chew, VP of Risk Systems and Validation at SGX presented the Risk systems roadmap for the exchange at the ActiveViam Connect event.
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ActiveViam to speak at the Russian-French Workshop on Big Data and Applications 2017

Big DataWe’re happy to announce that ActiveViam, was invited to the French embassy in Moscow as a Big Data technological stakeholder during a workshop taking place on October 12 and 13. Read more

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ActivePivot on Microsoft Azure Ms-Series Instances with 2TB of memory

Parallel LoadingNew options for in-memory computing are coming to the public cloud: Microsoft Azure just announced Ms-Series instances with 2TB of memory and 128 cores (!). Read more

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ActiveViam Connect 2017 – Counterparty Credit Risk at HSBC

ActiveViam Connect 2017 - Marc MeyerMarc Meyer, COO of Wholesale Risk at HSBC, described at the ActiveViam Connect event how the bank uses ActivePivot to manage counterparty credit risk, processing and aggregating large volumes of risk data as fast as the risk engines are able to produce them.
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ActiveViam Connect 2017 – Technology Keynote

Technology Keynote 2017Antoine Chambille, Head of R&D at ActiveViam presented his traditional technology keynote during the ActiveViam Connect in London last June, with Olivier Jolit, Senior Software Engineer at ActiveViam.
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Moving Beyond Supply Chain Visibility to Continuous Decision Making

Decision makingEven if you got locked in an escape room (or a warehouse for that matter), you could not escape the flood of articles around ‘Supply Chain Control Towers’ and ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ during the past year.

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ActiveViam at the Microsoft Azure User Group in Singapore on July 26

Microsoft AzureOn july 26, we will be at the Microsoft Azure User Group in Singapore to deliver a presentation titled: “In-Memory Computing on Microsoft Azure: Start a 4000-cores, 60TiB-RAM cluster in 30 minutes”. Read more

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Setting up and deploying a GitHub App in the Azure cloud

Github and Microsoft AzureAt ActiveViam, we’ve recently updated our commit process to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new GitHub Apps to enforce a Git commit convention throughout the company’s repositories. This blog post will describe how we deployed our GitHub App as an Azure function written in JavaScript, how it improved our process and what we learned along the way. For those interested in making their own GitHub App, this post can act as a tutorial.

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Webinar on real-time analytics and regulatory compliance

Demo - Product ControlWe’re happy to announce that Antoine Chambille, Director of R&D at ActiveViam, will take part in an upcoming webinar organized by our partner HPE.

Titled “How to achieve regulatory compliance and get competitive advantage with real-time analytics: advanced investment banking solutions for trading book review and risk calculations”, the webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 21 at 02:00 PM British time and will last for an hour.

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