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Do you have a way to fulfill customer orders in full and on time, minimize stock-outs, lower transport costs, and minimize inventory — even when faced with changes in customer demand or transportation disruptions? 
Join our live webinar on March 17th where you’ll discover how you can use in-memory technology to make timely inventory decisions that improve order fulfillment ratios, whilst balancing inventory and transportation costs.

Date: Tuesday, March 17th
Time: 3:00pm GMT, 4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST
Duration: 30 minutes

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During this 30-minute session featuring a LIVE demo, you will learn:

  • How to gain a global picture of all flows, overcoming the fragmented view offered by silo’d in-house or external TMS, WMS, ERP, sales and finance systems.
  • How smart notifications can improve your ability to focus your attention on meaningful events, anomalies or deviations from your goals and forecasts.
  • How to run “what-if“ simulations across all data sources, quickly iterating through different scenarios to measure the economic impact of your decisions.


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